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Dual Diagnosis


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A comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program provided by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and PhD/Masters level therapists who are highly qualified and experienced.

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Detoxification monitored by licensed physicians and provided on site in a safe, private, and comfortable environment.

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Effective treatment for depression and anxiety,which frequently caused substance abuse.We progressive and proven therapy and medication management.

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Our treatment services include nutritional counseling, acupuncture, massage, meditation, yoga, experiential therapy, and other integrative therapies at no additional cost.

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A program designed for physicians, attorneys, executives and other professionals who require specific treatment considerations and accommodations.

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A Refuge Of Hope & Healing

Miramar Treatment Center is an exclusive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, specializing in substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment. Lasting healing is provided in our private, luxurious residential facilities, where individualized and customized treatment is our focus. We want to help you or your loved live the joyful, productive life you deserve. Call us now to start healing today.

Miramar Philosophy

Successful healing happens every day in our renowned drug rehab center. With proven customized and individualized treatment, our patients move beyond the shackles of drug and alcohol addiction to become healthy, happy people.

Addictive Behavior and its Underlying Causes

Years of experience in our alcohol and drug rehab center has evidenced that substance abuse is almost always the manifestation of underlying emotional or psychological issues. Drugs and/or alcohol are used, and ultimately abused, in order to try to alleviate or control the pain and suffering in their lives. Be it physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, its root cause must be addressed and resolved, so that durable, lasting healing can happen. If this does not occur, recovery is fleeting and temporary, at best.

The Successful Healing Key

As we thoroughly treat these underlying conditions that lead to destructive and abusive behavior, our clients are healed, permanently, through out Drug Rehab program. The key is just that - resolve the underlying causes, and the abusive drug and/or alcohol use resolves. The desire to 'self-medicate' through drugs or alcohol disappears. In our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, we achieve this healing through our seasoned professionals and our highly attentive and individualized program.

Miramar Method

Our expert clinical team administers proven treatment protocols in our world-class coastal setting, ensuring that our clients resolve and get beyond any deep-rooted issues that prevent their permanent healing. We focus on individual therapy. Our boutique treatment setting fosters an intimate treatment experience with a maximum of six clients per residential facility – we don't have over-crowded classrooms or big 'motivational' groups. Our clients spend their clinical time at our private, serene residences, undergoing one-on-one therapy or very small group therapy sessions and other supportive treatments activities. The focus is always on the individual. And our results are miraculous.

We invite you to call now – we will answer any questions or provide further explanation of how we can treat or your loved one. Call now and start today!