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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

A dual diagnosis program is a treatment program wherein mental illnesses along with drug and/or alcoholism are treated.

A dual diagnosis program is appropriate for Individuals suffering from psychiatric, mental and emotional disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, post tramatic stress disorders, eating disorders, and myriad other mental health issues.

When one suffers from the aforementioned conditions, drugs or alcohol are frequently used as coping mechanisms to aid in dealing with pain, discomfort, and distress caused by these issues. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves addicted to the drugs or alcohol that they use to cope, which presents an entirely new issue that they must now address and resolve, typically through a dual diagnosis program.

Miramar Recovery is an addiction treatment and dual diagnosis program. Our staff is of the most qualified and highly educated in the industry, which can treat these dual issues. We are licensed by the State of California for on-site primary care and on-site detoxification.

Dual diagnosis program treatment components include individual therapy, small group therapy, psych-educational therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and a multitude of other therapeutic modalities.

We keenly understand the uniqueness of every patient’s situation, particularly relative to dual diagnosis issues. Our staff starts the treatment process by interviewing each person to understand the specific issues and problems are and then they formulate a comprehensive treatment program based on the finding of the preliminary assessments and evaluations.

Dual diagnoses are very complex and challenging to treat. Treatment in a dual diagnosis program must be completed in a comprehensive manner, addressing the mental health issues, as well as the alcohol and drug abuse issues, to ensure the best chances of success. Patients suffering from mental illness who have already gone through mainstream rehabilitation programs often tell us they have been frustrated in the past and have given up on treatment because their psychological needs have not been met.

Miramar specialists identify routes patients can take to learn to live their lives sober on their own and to deal with the triggers and other problems that may occur as they become well again.

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