Los Angeles Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is something that one cannot overcome alone. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, going to a renowned Los Angeles drug rehab is the best course of action. Here at Miramar, we can help you recover from your addiction by offering a comprehensive healing approach that ensures that all aspects of your health and well being are sufficiently addressed.

Miramar takes pride in its Integrative Addiction Treatment. Our Los Angeles drug rehab offers a distinctive approach to drug addiction recovery that you cannot find in other centers. This method is a product of our years of experience in the industry. As we helped clients through sustainable recovery, we have strengthened our core healing principles based on the idea that drug addiction is merely a symptom of an underlying and unresolved issue. As a Los Angeles drug rehab, we are a pioneer in the integrative approach to addiction treatment. This progressive method of healing treats the person as a ?whole? and from every level ? Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Evidence suggests that multiple unresolved issues are what commonly cause the addictive behavior. We provide comprehensive and integrated treatments to address these imbalances, deficiencies and/or pathologies in various aspects of an individual?s health and well being. Miramar is a Los Angeles drug rehab that offers an integrated treatment starting with a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the client?s current state. Upon admission into the program, clients go through extensive assessments including the following: Medical history through a comprehensive physical exam Comprehensive blood testing Complete Psychological, Physiological and Social Evaluation After the comprehensive assessment, our team will now move on to developing a customized and individualized treatment program designed according to the needs of the client. The assessment findings will serve as the framework for the treatment plan. From there, our Los Angeles drug rehab will implement the treatment plan according to each patient?s concern. Our attention is mainly targeted at individual therapy along with other treatment methods that we have also found successful in healing addiction cases that are relatively similar to that of the client. No other Los Angeles drug rehab can administer the same kind of techniques that we employ primarily because our team is composed of seasoned health care professionals who have worked on numerous substance abuse cases of varying gravities for so many years. Our treatments were conceptualized from this experience in handling different types of people who are trying to overcome their addiction. Recover from drug addiction today.

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